Quality System

The quality system is regulated by a series of procedures and modules concerning all company functions and activities with continuous updating; the figure of the Quality Assurance is autonomous and shares the same objective of improvement with the Management.
Over the years, the approach has been strongly oriented towards zero-waste productions; In this regard, studies and analyses have conveyed the choices on processes, machinery, tooling, favoring high-tech innovation and involving all human resources through continuous training.

Each production order is accompanied by a “Processing and Control Cycle” with a precise and detailed list of materials, processing phases and controls that can be more or less reinforced by individual criticalities.

Product tracking and tracing activities have been strengthened, and procedures such as:

  • Dimensional reports
  • PPAP: Production Part Approval Process
  • CP / CPK: Process Capacity Index
  • Report Quality Analist
  • R&R : Repeatability and reproducibility of instrumentation

  • 8D method: for the management of non-conformities

  • PPM analysis

  • FMEA

Metrology room

The metrology room is in full support of production, equipped with measuring instruments allows:

Market Analysis

The cost component of raw materials is significant and represents a variable that must be very careful.

The constant analysis and systematic and continuous monitoring of the metals, currency market, stock market, bond market, currency market, energy offer knowledge and ideas for implementing hedging strategies.

The information we acquire in real time and with weekly comparisons with industry experts is shared with buyers to build and stimulate relationships based on transparency and trust through the use of Cost Breakdown; That is, strengthening our ability to produce and compete by avoiding distorting speculation and incorrect data analysis.

Service & Technical Support

The product development phase is crucial to allow an optimization of products, processes and therefore costs; For this reason, we believe it is essential to provide technical support to the customer from the early stages of product design, prototyping and ramp-up.

The purpose of this activity is to detect, present and discuss any improvements to be made to the project, in order to optimize a whole series of steps related to the use of materials, processes and equipment of the company’s large machinery park.

The development phases of the project are shared, as well as data tables, in order to understand and solve in advance technical problems or doubts that could affect the time to market.

Design and Construction of tooling

The tooling is designed or co-designed in-house in order to make the most of our work, our Know-how, having control, as well as shortening the production time.

We make tooling for mass production and today it is possible to create equipment by 3D printing that replicates what can be the final ones; This last approach allows for the production of fast samples and pilot batches. 

Thanks to this service it is possible to:

  • cost-effective production in the first phase
  • shorten the sampling time needed to verify the final product
  • use the design of the prototype equipment for the realization of the final tooling

Mechanical Workshop

In the mechanical workshop,  part of the equipment is made as well as control templates and maintenance is carried out where required.

Finished product and delivery service

The service is adapted to the customer’s personalized needs, meeting the supply logics that may differ. We are used to managing closed or open orders, Consignment Stock, Kanban regulated with framework agreements, especially in situations where lead times and schedules require a lot of flexibility.

If required, we are able to customise labelling and packaging to meet the customer’s specific incoming and storage needs.

Ample space is available for the management of our finished product with real-time control of handling.

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