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Processing of copper and aluminium pipes for thermo and hydro machines

LCM is specialized in the processing of copper and aluminum pipes made for the customer specifications with the application of brass, copper, aluminum, iron, steel and rubber components.

The company operates B2B with manufacturers of hydro-thermo machines that therefore require connection pipes for the passage of water and gas. Copper and aluminium processed pipes are used in various sectors:

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Technology Innovation Future Competitiveness Quality Professionalism
Technology Innovation Future Competitiveness Quality Professionalism


Highest quality copper and aluminum tubes

The use of our copper and aluminum pipes allows the assembly of the complete product quickly and safely, with the great advantage of optimizing assembly times in production lines.

Due to their chemical, mechanical and physical properties, copper and aluminum are two extremely malleable and ductile metals with very high elasticity and tensile strength.

Technologies, machinery and know-how allow reliable mass production with minimal process variables to obtain extremely precise and repetitive products at very competitive prices.

L’utilizzo delle nostre tubazioni in rame e alluminio, consente l’assemblaggio del prodotto completo in maniera rapida e sicura, con il grande vantaggio di ottimizzare i tempi di montaggio nelle linee di produzione.

Grazie alle proprietà chimiche, meccaniche e fisiche, il rame e alluminio sono due metalli non ferrosi estremamente malleabili e duttili con elevatissima elasticità e resistenza alla trazione.

Tecnologie, macchinari, know-how permettono produzioni massive affidabili con minime variabili di processo che consentono di avere prodotti estremamente precisi e ripetitivi a prezzi molto competitivi.

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Product Design and Planning

The process begins with product design and planning, where the company's engineers.


Component Sourcing and Procurement

Once the design is finalized, the company identifies the required electronic components.


Testing and Quality Control

After PCB assembly, the electronic devices undergo rigorous testing and quality control.


Final Assembly and Integration

In this stage, the electronic components are integrated into the device enclosure.

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As reported by the EUROPEAN COPPER INSTITUTE “Copper is the best conductor of heat after silver: therefore it offers the best compromise between technological characteristics and cost savings. Its conductivity is about 30 times higher than stainless steel and 1.5 times higher than aluminum. Also for this reason, copper is by far the most popular material for systems that transport fluids: such as in heat exchangers, solar panels, civil heating (e.g. radiant panels); copper is not afraid of sudden temperature rises, as it melts at 1083°C. In addition, its low coefficient of thermal expansion gives it an advantage over other alternative materials.”

The European Green Deal is the European Union’s flagship program to achieve a climate-neutral economy by 2050. Ambitious in scope, the program’s action plans and legislative initiatives can only be achieved through close cooperation between decision-makers, society and economic operators.

GREEN: Cu Solutions: Copper supports the goals of the European Green Deal through its applications in energy generation, efficient buildings and electrified transport. Copper’s excellent electrical and thermal conductivity make it a crucial material for many technologies enabling the transition to a climate-neutral economy: renewable energy generation, energy storage and efficient energy transfer, electric cars, heat pumps, …. Consequently, copper contributes to 75 percent of the solutions to decarbonize the economy while only generating 0.4 percent of EU total GHG emissions.

RESILIENT: Cu Solutions: A sustainable choice for green applications, copper can be recycled over and over without losing any of its original properties. As a truly circular material facilitating the clean energy transition, copper contributes to Europe’s resiliency by enabling open, strategic autonomy in the energy and raw material sectors. Today, 50 percent of European copper demand is met by recycled material.

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