Processing of copper and aluminum pipes in Filottrano (Ancona)

LCM was founded in 1972 in Filottrano, in the province of Ancona, thanks to the will of the founder Carloni Ivo. The second generation of the Carloni family is now fully operational in the company with constancy and dedication, with the aim of being a reliable partner for the processing of copper and aluminum pipes.

We are a company with 50 years of history located in an area with a strong industrial and manufacturing vocation. This story contains culture, passion, perseverance, seriousness, love for one’s work. At the same time, we want to be a young, dynamic company, innovative in processes and products, always ready to learn in order to better approach future challenges.

Founding of TechMach Industries

The company is founded by a group of visionary engineers, passionate about advancing industrial technology.


International Expansion

With growing success and a reputation for reliability, Endustry begins exporting its machinery to international markets.


Embracing Digital Innovation

Endustry embraces digital transformation, integrating smart technologies and IoT capabilities into its machinery.


Expansion into Emerging Markets

Endustry expands its operations into emerging economies, tapping into new opportunities and serving a diverse customer base.


Industry 4.0 Integration

Endustry takes the lead in Industry 4.0 adoption, implementing AI-driven automation and data analytics to optimize production processes and offer predictive maintenance solutions.


Celebrating 75 Years of Excellence

Endustry proudly celebrates its 75th anniversary, reflecting on a rich history of innovation, reliability, and customer satisfaction.


Our locations in Filottrano

The administrative and management offices are located in the historic headquarters in Via Schiavoni. In the same plant, there is a mechanical workshop for the construction and maintenance of most of the pipe production tooling.

In the two production units in Via Pucinaco, for a total of 4800 square meters covered, copper and aluminum pipes are processed starting from coils or bars. Thousands of customized parts are produced and shipped daily in the plant. 

Machinery park

For processing copper and aluminum pipes

LCM has a large machinery park for cutting, deformation, bending, drilling, brazing of pipes; with the Industry 4.0 Plan, the company has pushed the investment plan in high technology, including digital technology with interconnection systems, with multiple process and system improvements. 

The continuous innovation of the machinery allows us to always be extremely competitive in production, dynamic and flexible with fast delivery times for any type of batches. 

Employees are involved, trained and motivated to better deal the evolution of the company and the market. The company is structured in functions that work separately in the various departments, but which are committed to the common goal of providing their customers with a high level of satisfaction resulting from the synthesis of competitiveness, service peculiarities and product quality.

The training of its human resources, the investments in technological innovation and the attention to customer needs make LCM a reality ready to carry out every day every request of the customer. 

Meet the Industry Pioneers

The Driving Force Behind Our Success

Alisson Taylor

Team Manager

Roger Craig


Allan Cooper



We are strongly committed and motivated on the topic of sustainability

The owners and the entire company are strongly committed and motivated on the issue of sustainability, which involves the efficiency of our production structure and processes in a transversal way.  

Choices and decisions take into account the responsibility that the company has towards the various stakeholders: owners, collaborators, customers, employees, suppliers, the community with which the organization interacts.

Corporate Social Responsibility is part of the company’s policy; The economic objectives must coexist with the social and environmental objectives of the reference territory, in order to preserve the environmental, social and human heritage for current and future generations (“sustainability”).

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